Become a Professional Voice Actor in 7 Easy Steps

Become a Professional Voice Actor in 7 Easy Steps


Lessons: 26

Time: 3h 38m

Hi there. I’m Marinda Botha and I'm going to teach you how to become a voice actor.

The voice acting industry can be very rewarding, but what you'll need to be successful are performance skills, technical skills and good deal of hard work. I'm going to help you with the first two to make sure you can go to voice over auditions with confidence.

How to get into voice acting

I have been in the voice over business for 14 years and 8 of those I spent working in the British voice over industry. I now work from my home recording studio, in South Africa, with numerous clients from across the world. I am also a lecturer with 6 years teaching experience. I am qualified to teach you how to be a voice actor.

We'll start with the technical aspects of voice over training such as microphone technique, and then we'll move on to voice over performance so that you can learn how to do voice overs. We'll look at breaking down scripts so that you know how to read it perfectly the first time, how to use or ignore punctuation, delivering what your target audience will respond to, and understanding subtext and intonation from your script. As you'll see from the lesson list below, there are a lot of topics to cover.

What is it like being a voice over artist?

You might hear them referred to as voice over actor, voice over artist or voice over talent - they're all the same thing and they describe a person who reads a script for a commercial purpose such as a film, TV commercial, podcast, e-learning lesson, announcement, etc. It's a job that is incredibly diverse. You could be doing different accents and different styles of reading from one job to the next. You might be working with a business owner on a corporate script in the morning, then four other actors reading scripts for a children's cartoon in the afternoon.

One of the best aspects is that if you have your own studio then you can do it in your dressing gown!

Are you ready for the challenge? 

If you're serious about becoming a professional voice over artist and perhaps joining a voice over agency, this course is for you. There are 7 lessons to complete and a bonus video on the end. Hop to it!

Who is this course great for?

  • Aspiring voice over artists
  • People who want to improve their public speaking and presentation skills
  • Actors that want to diversify into studio-based work (e.g. dialog replacement, cartoons and animation work, etc)
  • Radio DJs and people recording podcasts

What are the requirements?

  • We'll take you from the very basics through to advanced techniques - you don't need to have had any experience
  • You don’t need to buy a voice over microphone. To be able to do the exercises, you may use the microphone on your mobile phone, or the one in your computer.

What will you get from this course?

To become a successful voice actor you'll need to:

  • Express and apply knowledge of the self-directing process for the audio performance
  • Possess a basic command of vocal technique in response to various corporate and commercial voice over scripts and in performance.
  • Express working knowledge of the actor’s approach to analyzing the audio script.
  • Express and demonstrate a technical know-how on microphone technique

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